Messaging 7 Alpha 6.5.2 apk
Messaging 7 Alpha 6.5.2 apk

July 26, 2012 by Andro | Communication

Messaging 7 Alpha 6.5.2 apk, New on Messaging 7 Alpha 6.5.2 are disabled storing new message, disable or remove stock messaging app or your messages will not be stored, double message fix and many more. Messaging 7 Alpha is a free version of WP7 on Android messaging. On this messaging app, you will get many features in the donate version of Messaging metro. OK, out now this Messaging 7 Alpha 6.5.2 apk. Download Messaging 7 Alpha 6.5.2 apk bellow.

Download : Messaging 7 Alpha 6.5.2 apk

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